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- Press On Band Tyres

Watts Press on Band – leading from the front

Watts are a world leader in Press on Band tires.

We have the most extensive range of sizes, compounds and tread pattern options available in the industry. All our Press on Band tires are designed to be highly durable and with a large footprint, square profile, low heat build up and low rolling resistance.

Watts Press on Band tires are also available in special compounds such as non-marking, wet grip and electrically conducting for specialist operating environments.

  • Largest available size range
  • Largest choice of tread patterns and compounds
  • Large load carrying capability
  • Superb energy saving

Premia Press on Band – Our best ever POB

In addition to our standard range of POB tires we have developed the Premia POB, our most durable POB yet. Its unique contoured design is engineered to produce a low stress point at the steel band/rubber interface where other POB’s can fail under heavy loads.

Capable of dealing with such stress under heavy loads the Premia is suitable for articulated materials handling machines as well as standard POB applications.

Available in a number of popular sizes and in Traction (treaded) or Smooth tread options as well as Non Marking (NM) and Electrically Conducting (EC) compounds.

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