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- Skid Steer Tires

Skid Steer Pneumatic - the tough performer

The Watts Pneumatic Skid Steer is a powerful, high performance tire designed to meet the tough demands placed upon Skid Steer machines.

With a high ply construction, its robust carcass protects against punctures, while a reinforced under tread and sidewall prevent unwanted damage to both tire and wheel helping keep downtime to a minimum. Its tread design offers superb traction and stability in broken ground environments making the Watts Pneumatic Skid Steer an automatic choice for construction and agriculture alike.

Further protection against downtime can be achieved by combining this range of tires with a polyurethane fill, eliminating punctures without affecting the overall performance of the tire itself.

  • Robust carcass construction
  • High ply rating
  • Intelligent tread design
  • Excellent traction & stability
  • Exceptional performance
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